Hello everyone! My name is Laura.I’m eighteen years old and am hoping to attend College this year.

I’ve always loved reading from a young age. As I got older I like many other readers began to form opinion’s of different aspects of the books I read.Over the past couple of years I have been thinking about creating a website to write review’s of books I’ve read.Today I finally took the plunge and created this website.

My favourite author is Sarah J Mass. I absolutely adore the Throne Of Glass series. I’m currently halfway through and am reading The Assassin’s Blade.After this series I plan to read a Court Of Thorns And Roses.

I adore many literary genres such as fantasy, historical fiction and romantic fiction.although I don’t have many contemporary books on my shelves I plan to add more very soon!

While reading published books I also enjoy websites such as Wattpad ,Radish and Quotev. These websites contain stories written by people who enjoy writing and wish to share there stories with the world. I would recommend these websites to everyone who enjoys both reading and writing.

After I’ve read each book I will upload a review of the book which has just been read.These reviews are of my own personal opinion.


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